Promats Athletics - Leaders in Wall Pads, Ultra Cross Netting and Sports Equipment

As a provider of athletic safety netting systems, Promats Athletic has led the way with their popular Ultra Cross® Braided Dyneema® net. The nearly invisible product is used at countless MLB, MiLB, and NCAA baseball stadiums across the country. It’s hard to imagine that this widely valued product could get much better – but it did.

In October of 2017, Promats Athletics of Salisbury, NC released Field Green Ultra Cross® Braided Dyneema® Netting. The custom green color, which was developed in collaboration with netting manufacturer Nor’Eastern (NET) Systems, Major League Baseball, and other industry professionals, effectively blends into the playing field and improves visibility for spectators in the stands.

New Field Green Netting Offers Industry Leading VisiblityAccording to Keegan Mulholland, Director of Stadium Projects at Promats Athletics, Japanese baseball stadiums utilize green protective netting on their massive foul pole-to-foul pole systems. “We’ve learned from their experiences and through additional research that the green color enhancement significantly benefits the spectator viewing experience,” Mulholland said.

Mulholland added that Ultra Cross® is renowned for its 1.2mm low profile braided twine with knotless intersections -- The braided and knotless configuration is the strongest available in the market. Paired with industry-leading 95% visibility, Ultra Cross® has won over stadium managers far and wide.

Additionally, Ultra Cross® has been through rigorous testing and is certified by third party agencies as providing excellent strength and durability for fan safety – Recent studies show that the new Field Green Ultra Cross® continues that trend, but with improved see-through visibility.

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