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Promats Athletics’ new Ultra Cross® Field Green Baseball Netting has taken the market by storm this off-season. Within the first couple months of its release, the low-profile green-coated Dyneema® fiber netting attracted over a dozen Major League Baseball (MLB) clubs, who plan on installing the new product at their home stadiums and/or practice facilities as part of the push for expanded safety netting.

Demand for Ultra Cross® Green Netting Surges Among MLB Teams“There was a first wave of netting expansions in 2016 following a recommendation from MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred. During that time, our original black Ultra Cross® netting became well-known with MLB and MiLB teams for having industry leading 95% see-through visibility and exceptionally strong construction,” explained Kevin DeVantier, Stadium Sales Manager at Promats Athletics. He added that Promats Athletics is the exclusive provider of the product, which is manufactured by Nor’Eastern Trawl (NET) Systems.

DeVantier explained that in the Fall 2017 an independent consulting firm, commissioned by MLB, conducted a study to see if green-colored netting would improve the viewing experience for fans in the stands. They evaluated several green variants and determined that there was a noticeable improvement in the in-stadium viewing experience. A final decision on the hue was established by MLB based on the color’s ability to blend into stadium elements such as grass, dirt, seating, signage, and scoreboards. This was the catalyst for the Ultra Cross® upgrade.

“It’s hard to imagine that Ultra Cross® netting could get any better, but with the green coating it has,” said DeVantier.

According to DeVantier, the premium netting is made with Dyneema® fiber (a product of DSM) which is also used in bullet proof vests and air cargo containers – “It’s very lightweight, yet extremely strong,” he added. This feature allows netting manufacturers at NET Systems to decrease the twine gauge to 1.2 mm without compromising its strength. Additionally, the netting is knotless and the twine is braided -- the strongest configuration available. Custom netting systems are engineered and installed by Promats Athletics.

When asked what’s next for Promats Athletics and Ultra Cross® Field Green Baseball Netting, DeVantier stated, “There’s a lot of interest in Ultra Cross® Field Green at the MLB level, but we’re also seeing a lot from MiLB teams and universities. I think we’re going to be busy for a while.”