Promats® High Jump Landing Systems


  • Designed with athlete safety in mind
  • Patented DuraZONE® Landing Systems designed with integrated drainage
  • All-weather covers and base protectors sold separately
  • Customize with digital graphics and lettering
  • DuraZONE®: US Patent #7,753,826 issued July 13, 2010

Product Details

JumpZONE® and DuraZONE® High Jump Landing Systems are manufactured using 19 oz. heavy coated vinyl polyester exterior that has a high tear and tensile strength. The “honeycomb” polyurethane foam core consists of several layers and offers the most durable construction available. Systems include a 2” mesh covered top foam pad, which is available in a variety of standard colors.

Promats® Landing Systems are designed with the safety of athletes in mind. They meet and / or exceed the NFHS, NCAA and IAAF specifications, rules and requirements. JumpZONE® and DuraZONE® systems also have a 10 year warranty on seams, handles and hardware attachments.


DuraZONE® Field Event Padding is the first and only padding to incorporate an integrated drainage system. This lightweight synthetic drainage system increases the life of your pad and adds additional impact resistance. The unique structural pattern of the DuraZONE® system increases airflow under your pads, allowing water to evaporate quickly – No more prolonged ponding of water in your field event padding that leads to mildew, fungus, and rot. DuraZONE® technology protects your investment and requires no separate installation or the hassle of moving your padding from an external drainage system, minimizing the potential for damage or injury.