SG2S® Soccer Goal Safety Kits


  • Can be installed on synthetic turf and natural grass fields
  • GoalPak® upgrade ideal for football/soccer venues and includes SG2S®
  • Provides security that your goal will stay safely in place
  • US Patents: #7,331,880 issued 2/19/08, #7,527,569 issued 5/5/09, and #8,777,784 issued 8/15/14

Product Details

The patented SG2S® Soccer Goal Safety System from Promats® Athletics uses a rear ground bar clamping mechanism to lock goals safely into position. The durable clamp is easy to install, remove, and retract; and can be stored in the synthetic turf-covered Access Frame Kit+ for those times when the field isn't being used for soccer. No unwanted tip-overs caused by misuse and no more sandbags!