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Zone Field Wall Padding

Stadium Field Wall Padding


  • Available in a variety of standard colors
  • Customized digital printing available
  • UV resistant vinyl and moisture resistant backer board
  • Enhanced options available




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Product Details

Zone Stadium Field Wall Padding provides customized safety and quality for athletes playing outdoor sports like football, softball, and baseball. Promats has installed padding in hundreds of venues around the world and is the industry leader offering site specific safety with customizing capabilities. 


BaseZONE® Field Wall Pads are a popular option and feature 18 oz. high UV protected vinyl covering, 3” high density polyurethane foam padding and ¾” engineered moisture resistant sheathing panel. It is a time-tested, proven product that provides facilities with an affordable safety solution. BaseZONE® Field Wall Pads can be installed on concrete / wood walls or chain link fences.


EnviroZONE® Field Wall Padding is an environmentally friendly and moisture resistant option designed with exceptional durability and performance. EnviroZONE® employs an engineered moisture resistant sheathing panel. This durable alternative to standard plywood has a smaller environmental impact and is manufactured using all parts of the tree. The impressive energy management capability of EnviroZONE® is derived from the fully recyclable thermoplastic, expanded bead polyethylene foam (EPE). The EPE significantly improves the system's impact / energy management as compared to industry standard polyurethanes, yet provides a similar feel, important to athletes who anticipate the impact and "play the bounce."


Zone® Stadium Field Wall Padding can be enhanced with the following features:



DeltaF® technology, for Zone® Field Wall Padding, provides a wrinkle-free option for outdoor pads. The UV protected 4-way stretch vinyl, coupled with our industry leading high UV laminated vinyl covering, reacts quickly to temperature shifts without causing unsightly vinyl wrinkles found in traditional padding. DeltaF® technology assures that your stadium will look great from season to season!


DeltaThreat® with integrated drainage technology for Promats® outdoor field wall padding is designed with a built-in drainage system, which promotes quick drying from the elements. With DeltaThreat® technology, you no longer need to worry about mold and deterioration from water-log.

Mounting Options



Grommet Flap

Grommet Flap

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