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Promats® Climbing Wall Padding

Climbing Wall Padding


  • Provides a cushioned landing surface or wall collision protection
  • Convertible design prevents unwanted climbing wall use
  • Custom sizes available



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Product Details

Promats® Climbing Wall Pads provide a measure of floor padding protection for those engaged in climbing or traversing and can be easily transformed to also keep people off the wall.  Each pad is hinged at the bottom and attached to the wall so that they remain in place until needed for climbing protection.  It’s the ideal product for multi-purpose facilities like schools, recreation centers, and gyms.

Each mat is 4’ wide and 6’ high with custom sizing available upon request.  The foam core consists of 1 3/8" cross-linked polyethylene and 1" of high impact foam for a total thickness of 2 3/8".

Specs & Downloads

CWHI46 4' x 6' x 2.25", 19oz. Heavy Coated Vinyl
CWHI46FR 4' x 6' x 2.25", 19oz. Heavy Coated Vinyl  

Color Charts

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