Gym Floor Covers and Racks


  • Allows for quick and easy floor covering
  • Widest range of floor covering in the industry
  • Racks transport and store up to 3000 lbs
  • Racks are available in two models: manual and with power winder

Product Details


Promats® Athletics offers the widest range of floor covering in the industry. Choose from six different weights ranging from 13 oz. to 26 oz. coated vinyl. Gym Floor Covers are 10’ wide and as long as desired. Please allow for 2”-3” overlap for each section when measuring.


Our Gym Floor Covering Racks provide a safe and organized storage option for floor covering. With the ability to store hundreds of square feet of covering, our racks maintain a low center of gravity making them sturdy, stable and capable of transporting up to 3000 lbs. For increased safety, the rollers are fully encased in the bearing assemblies leaving no chance of accidental removal during transport. Gym Floor Covering Racks come in two styles: manual loading model or with power winding for additional convenience.