Ultra Cross® Braided Dyneema® Netting


  • First netting to offer 95% spectator visibility
  • Braided and knotless design is the strongest configuration available
  • Low profile twine is lighter and easier to handle
  • Confirmed excellence through 3rd party testing
  • NEW! Now offering Field Green Ultra Cross®

Product Details


Ultra Cross® Braided & Knotless Dyneema® Netting offers excellent visibility to spectators and is ideal for fan safety at baseball and softball stadiums. The nearly invisible netting is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and is noted for excellence in tenacity, UV and chemical resistance, and resistance to abrasion. The knotless construction and braided rope configuration makes it the preferred choice of MLB for its ease of use, durability, and see-through visibility. Ultra Cross® netting offers excellence in every category – Durability, functionality, and visibility. View our Ultra Cross® Catalog here!

NEW! Ultra Cross® Field Green Netting provides optimal visibility to spectators using a green coating over durable black-fiber Dyneema® twine, which serves as a camouflage against the backdrop of the playing field. Our new premium netting has the same engineered safety and uncompromised visibility as 1.2 mm uncoated Black Ultra Cross®, while offering the most advanced solution to achieve viewer satisfaction.

Featured! Ultra Cross® Custom Egress Gate. Promats is the leader in innovative solutions for stadium netting. Our popular Custom Egress Gate provides a retractable Ultra Cross® entryway barrier between the stands and the field, which can be raised and lowered easily. This cable suspended system offers distinct visibility advantages over traditional framed structures. During play, the lowered netting protects fans while being nearly invisible.

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