JumpForm® Sand Pit Modular Forming System


  • Designed to meet college or high school specifications
  • Modular construction provides easy installation
  • Available with sand catcher or covered ledge
  • US Patents #7,641,593 issued January 5, 2010, #8,186,125 issued May 29, 2012, #8,745,955 issued June 10, 2014

Product Details

Promats® Athletics offers two types of triple jump modular forms that follow the size specifications of either NFHS regulations or NCAA and IAAF specifications. Our patented modular system makes installation a breeze and guarantees accuracy and aesthetic. Promats® JumpForm® Long & Triple Jump Systems also offers a choice of sand pit with covered ledges or sand catchers with built in drainage. Modular pit panel cover sets are available for all JumpForm® Long & Triple Jump Systems.

The Promats® JumpForm® Sand Catcher option provides a manufactured channel with slatted rubber mat covers around the perimeter of the pit, collecting sand that might get kicked out during the meet. It also creates a barrier around the pit that prevents field damage, decreases maintenance, and prolongs the life of the adjacent surface (grass, concrete, synthetic track, etc.). The cover ledge model is constructed with slanted sides around the pit that promote sand movement back into the pit and provides an additional safety feature by eliminating sharp corners associated with hand formed pits.