Sand Pit Covers


  • Customized pit covers keep sand in and debris out
  • Allows water to drain through preventing accumulation
  • Contains sand and limits entry of debris/contaminants
  • Constructed with tear/UV resistant vinyl coated mesh
  • Choose from a variety of standard colors
  • Custom sizes or digital graphics available upon request

Product Details

Promats® Long and Triple Jump Sand Pit Covers help contain your sand and prevent debris and other contaminants from entering the pit when not in use. Custom reinforced aluminum covers can be manufactured and supplied for any size landing pit, and may be designed to res ton an existing / reinstalled ledge, or may be uniquely designed to self-support in the absence of a ledge. All covers are manufactured with a 1/2" recess to receive synthetic track surfacing, or can be manufactured to be "flush," upon request. Promats® also offers the more economical vinyl/mesh covers, which are designed with a perimeter weighting system. A variety of standard colors are and custom graphics are available, upon request.