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Field Hockey Goals

Field Hockey Goals


  • Regulation inside dimensions: 12'L x 7'H x 4'D
  • TIG welded joints ensure superior durability
  • Single piece side frames reduce installation time and points of failure
  • Horizontal support members on top, rear, and bottom for improved stability
  • Durable, long lasting, 18"H black synthetic poly boards
  • Custom poly board colors available upon request
  • Durable powder coated aluminum framework
  • Meets and exceeds FIH specifications, rules and requirements
  • Includes regulation black field hockey goal net


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Product Details

Field hockey goals by Promats® Athletics are built with TIG welded joints, single piece side frames, and utilizes synthetic polyboard material for its bottom boards to provide a long-lasting quality goal.

The field hockey goal sports integrated net fasteners, a durable powder coated aluminum framework, and an optional mobility kit that utilizes reliable, solid rubber turf tires in lieu of pneumatic alternatives.


The field hockey goal mobility kit allows you to move your field hockey goal safely with only two people.  Large "turf friendly" tires allow for easy transport across any surface, and the solid rubber design prevents issues commonly encountered with pneumatic alternatives.  The durable powder coated aluminum housing ensures maintenance free use.

Specs & Downloads

FHG Field Hockey Goal - 12'L x 7'H x 4'D, Durable White Powder Coat Finish
FHGWK Field Hockey Goal External Portable Mobility Wheel Kit (2 Per Goal)

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