In April 2016, a competitor posted a video of in-house testing of Ultra Cross Braided Dyneema® netting, claiming that traditional #18 knotted netting was far superior. The test was conducted using a 30”x30” section strung tightly on a fixed metal framework. In this non-realistic configuration, the Ultra Cross failed, but we knew better.

(You can read our original response here)

Promats Athletics believes that the science and engineering is most important when concerning issues of safety and that’s why we reached out to Innovative Test Solutions, a 3rd party testing agency in Schenectady, NY for rigorous and objective feedback.

Innovative Test Solutions simulated a field installation using a scaled model to replicate a tension netting system. The cable-suspended system consisted of four constraint cables, located at each edge of a 10’x10’ 1.2 mm knotless Ultra Cross Dyneema® net panel. The net was then lashed to the cables, as shown in our installation instructions, with a combination of zip ties and braided rope. Once the system was in place, a series of standard baseballs were fired at the net from various distances using a high powered pitching machine, starting at the MLB recommendation of 60’ and dropping to as little as 10’.

In the end, the netting system saw over 600 ball strikes at speeds up to 115 mph and never failed. You can see for yourself, in this video, why Ultra Cross Braided Dyneema® netting is the chosen favorite of Major League Baseball and profession hockey stadiums across the country.