AdjustRight® Rotating / Hinged Football Goals


  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Ideal for multi-use synthetic turf athletic fields
  • Rotates 180˚ and can be hydraulically lowered and raised
  • US Patent #7,014,578 issued March 21, 2006, #7,883,432 issued February 8, 2011, #7,914,401 issued March 29, 2011, #8,888,615 issued November 18, 2014

Product Details

Patented AdjustRight® Rotating & Hinged Football Goal Post is perfect for multi-use synthetic turf athletic fields. The rotating feature allows the crossbar and uprights to be rotated 180˚ for maximum use of the soccer field at venues sharing a field for both football and soccer. These innovative goal posts can also be easily lowered in 15 seconds and raised in less than 90 seconds, a critical feature in some game ending situations. The hydraulic hinge offers a controlled descent and is designed to ensure safety for the operator, who controls the descent clear of the drop zone.

AdjustRight® Rotating & Hinged Football Goal Posts address concerns related to NFHS Soccer Rule 1, Section 4, Article 1, and its subsequent varying interpretations. This product eliminates these issues by allowing the goal post assembly to be rotated out of the soccer playing field completely and quickly, which can be performed by a single person in less than a minute, which makes field conversion exceptionally easy.

An easy-to-use 3-in-1 tool is included for locking and unlocking, and rotating the goal posts. In addition, a simple, but capable locking system has been provided. The system prevents unwanted operation of the AdjustRight® rotating mechanism.